Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Strokes - Angles

1. "Machu Picchu"   
2. "Under Cover of Darkness"   
3. "Two Kinds of Happiness"   
4. "You're So Right"   
5. "Taken for a Fool"
6. "Games"  
7. "Call Me Back"  
8. "Gratisfaction"   
9. "Metabolism" 
10. "Life Is Simple in the Moonlight"  

Angles is New York based The Strokes fourth album, having being out for a couple of weeks this is hardly a review of the newest material available to the public, but, I need to start somewhere and I desperately need to learn how to write half decent reviews so for the next few write ups please expect nothing but sub standard reporting.

Having listened to the album a few times I found it to be a grower, by no means it isn't the strongest album from start to finish but during the second listen you can really start to decipher the good tracks on there.
If like me you aren't the biggest Strokes fan here are a few of the better tracks on the album to listen out for (YouTube links in the titles).

Machu Picchu This is the first song on the album, its an upbeat track which seems to incorporate not only the Strokes sound but at the same time it wouldn't sound too out of place on an album straight out of the 80's, the same can be said about many of the tracks on the album.
Under The Cover Of Darkness Lead single from the album which was played to death when some mainstream radio shows got hold of it back ion February,
Taken For a Fool Might just be me but certain parts of this song sounds like the Red Hot Chili Peppers (early peppers). Very catchy this is my second favourite on the album only to Under The Cover Of Darkness. Much more like the classic sound of The Strokes.
Gratisfaction Another strong song, wouldn't surprise me if this was a future single.
Life Is Simple In The Moonlight This track gets better as it goes on, stronger end than start.

The Strokes really have a great sound which you can hear being replicated by many other copy cat bands. I tried to read a few reviews after listening to the album to see what the popular opinion was. I checked out a few newspaper reviews (probably not the best place to look to be fair) which just seemed to pick up on the poor songs and basically said that it wasn't to the standard or anything like 'Is This It'. Whilst I prefer their first album it is still difficult to compare the two, Id say the pace and flow of their very first album works better where Angles is more held together with the Strokes distinctive sound . If the band had completely replicated their first album I am sure the same reviewers would have said that their style and sound hadn't developed over the last decade. Overall not a bad album but I strongly recommend sticking to the tracks as mentioned above.

If anybody does read this would you please suggest some of your favourite albums I can listen to, thanks in advance.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


This is my first and only blog so please be patient if the content and layout is tripe. I am going to try reviewing one new, one old album in that order - highlighting what I think are the better tracks to listen to.

In this blog I will listen, review and recommend an eclectic range of albums, any feedback would be hugely appreciated.

If anyone has an album they think I should check out I am pretty open minded so leave a comment and I will get round to giving it a listen.